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Hello World

Hello world, hello from Golang4Us.
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Writing a simple Hello World program is the traditional way to learn a new programming language. It consists essentially in writing as little code as possible to print the "Hello World" sentence on the screen. In its simplicity lies its beauty: teaching a new programmer how to get the minimum in place to start interacting with the computer.

Because this is a website about the Go programming language, we'll skip the traditional C-based hello world program this time and use Go. A typical hello world written in the Go programming language is as simple as: 

package main

import "fmt"

func main(){
    fmt.Println("Hello World")

As strange as a hello world for a new website may seem, the core principle is the same: show (well, tell in our case) to the world that we're here, alive and ready for the challenge of teaching and fostering knowledge for the Go Programming Language to an even wider audience!

About this site

Our team has been discussing for some time how to approach building yet another website about Linux. Since we finally managed to gather the necessary resources (ant time!) to build this website and have lots of ideas for awesome and compelling posts, we decided to go forward and build yet another website about Go (yawag). Yay!


But why YAWAG (yet another website about Go)? Despite the growth, we believe Go could be a good language to teach new people to programming.

Plus, we love Go so much so why not!? 😊

Who are us?

Our team is a community of dedicated open-source volunteers who use, write about and Linux and Go. We plan to cover the most diverse topics ranging from very simple tutorials to as complex as it may be necessary to teach users how to use, learn and build awesome tools on/with Linux and Go.

What are we planning for this site?

As previously stated, we're planning to share, foster and teach Go, reaching as many people as possible. We'd like to help Go and Linux grow.

How will we achieve this?

First, let's be honest: we can't know if we'll ever be successful! But one thing is sure: our success will be directly related to how much engagement we get from the public. The good news is that we don't have any grand ambitions. And since we love Go, Linux, open-source and education in general, we believe there are big reasons to try!

How can you help

Interested in helping? Check the how you can help. We'll resort from the help of the community (sharing posts, giving feedback, sponsorship this site, etc) so we can grow and reach even wider audiences.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading thus far! We'll do our best to foster, divulge and teach about Linux because we love it as much as you do and we want it to be available to everyone out that who has a digital device in their hands.

All the best,
The Golang4us team

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